5 things you need to know before hiking volcano Mt Batur

mount batur bali volcano

Mount Batur is located on the island of Bali, Indonesia, and has a height of 1,717 metres. There are many tour companies that offer to trek to the top of this volcano and experience the sunrise from up there (and now I understand why). I had never imagined that trekking up a volcano and having breakfast at the top, watching the sunrise would be such a rewarding experience.

In this post I will tell you the 5 main things you should know before climbing the volcano.


The temperature at night drops extremely (compared to the day) and will constantly change during the trek. We felt cold when we initially started the trek and also at the very top. However as you are trekking and your blood starts to pump you will feel hot. There were regular stops along the way to catch your breathe, but be careful as your temperature will drop quite quickly. Actually, it was like being in a fridge at the very top (so cold) and I would have prefered to wear something more warmer. So my recommendation is that you bring a jumper or a jacket that shelters and not a windbreaker as I did. Wear comfortable/flexible clothes like leggings (better long than short). The most important thing is footwear, hiking boots or sports shoes are essential.


For the backpack, in addition to water (of course), it would be a good idea to get some snacks like energy bars or cookies (which I regret). Most likely the tour includes breakfast at the top, which consists of boiled eggs and a banana sandwich. Maybe you have dietary requirements (which is not catered for) or this breakfast is not to your liking or you just need something else. I would advise going to the shops and picking up some snacks.

The guide will provide you with a torch, although I recommend that if you have one of the torches that can be placed on your head you will be more comfortable. There are times when the climb is quite slippery and difficult so having your hands free is easier and safer.


Do not forget the camera and make sure you charge the battery to the maximum the night before. We were lucky to have only a couple of clouds and believe when I say the sunrise is really spectacular. Be careful as you can simply enjoy the moment and even forget to take pictures.

mt batur bali views
Views from the top.


The climb to the top was quite difficult. I had read on the internet that it was quite easy and I did not expect that level (or maybe I thought I was more fit). What is true is that it was not easy at some points. There are sections with quite a slope, very slippery and being at night you cannot see clearly which makes it even more difficult. So everything depends on yourself, how trained you are and how used to trekking you are.


After reading many good and bad reviews about many agencies, we decided on Pinah Tour. They picked us up at 2 am and drove us to their base camp (which is just under an hour away). There they offered us coffee or tea and banana pancakes. The same driver takes you to the parking lot where you meet your guide and start the trek to the volcano. Everything depends on your group and the speed you have but the trek lasts about 1 and a half or 2 hours. Once at the top, you can rest and have breakfast quietly enjoying the sunrise. Our guide took care of us at every moment. In addition to the descent he showed us fruits and edible flowers, which made the walk down even more pleasant.


mt batur views sunset
Sunset from the top of Mt Batur.


monos monkeys bali mt batur
Monkeys at the top of Mt Batur, Bali.

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